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Questioning Direction

Emergence Life Coaching.  Don Mendenhall, Life Coach. Located in the Madison, Wisconsin area.
Life Coaching

Do any of these questions apply to you?

  • Are you beginning to consider big changes?
  • Are you feeling a growing sense of urgency
  • Are you disillusioned or losing confidence?  
  • Are you deciding to exit (or being exited from) a job and/or relationship(s)?
  • Are you ready to do something about the way things are?

Life Coaching is:

Life direction and focus support   Hidden strengths discovery
Career planning and placement support   Decision-making and teamwork development
Creativity encouragement   Confidence building and support
Mentoring and active listening   Organizational design coaching
Leadership focusing and development   Prompting and challenging progress and results

Emergence Life Coaching LLC.  Don Mendenhall, Life Coach.
Based in Madison, Wisconsin

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Photographs - Copyrighted 2005,  Don Mendenhall, Madison, WI